So, uh…

It’s been a while. Like, almost four years a while. My bad. I just finished writing a comic script. It was the first thing I’ve written in about, well, four years. There’s been some stuff going on. See the about section if you want a vague idea. Anyway. I’m trying to get back in to […]

Item 19

A while back, on Tumblr, someone suggested a sitcom starring an asexual person and an aromantic person. They called it “Arrow and Ace”. The idea stuck with me, and this is what happened. Expect to see more of these characters, because I have plans. Probationary Agent Jeanette Reese was pretty sure that the meeting was […]

Grudge Match

The story I was writing for this week got a bit away from me, so I went looking for something to put up here. I found this. I wrote the original version of this in 2009. I was delighted to find that I didn’t have a bunch of problematic language in it. A bit of […]