The Cover
The Cover of Translunar
In 2010, I took part in Nanographocmo. If you haven’t heard of it, participants spend the month of November writing, penciling, inking and lettering a 48 page graphic novel. I can’t art to save my life, so I took a lot of images and did some digital modification to them.

Translunar is the result. It’s the story of a dream. It’s a story that means a lot to me. It’s a story that probably saved my life.

Depression is a bastard. That year, I was low, seriously considering checking out in the most final way possible. Sometime in September, Warren Ellis mentioned the madness of Nanographicmo on his Twitter feed. What the hell, I thought. The worst that could happen was I’d put effort in, fuck it up, and it wouldn’t matter anyway because I’d have put myself in the ground anyway.

Writing this kept me going that month, and when it was done, somehow I’d managed to start looking forward.

It’s not a perfect story. There are plot holes. Some of the dialogue is terrible. I used comic sans for the lettering. In writing it, I found a reason to keep going.

So maybe it is a perfect story.

If you want to read it, here you go:

Translunar (PDF)
Translunar (CBR)