About The Author

Mikka McHenry Keith isn’t quite sure who they are. They’re like…85% 0% sure that they identify as male, but that’s enough wiggle room to so they use different pronouns. If you want to use he/him, it’s not really an issue. They don’t get pissy if you use the wrong pronouns, but they do hold it against you. They’re getting dangerously close to the wrong side of middle age, and they’re still trying to figure things out.

For those who demand to know such things, they identify as an ethically nonmonogamous biromantic demisexual, which is a fancy way of saying that monogamy isn’t the end all be all of their relationship status, they tend to fall for people of more than one gender (though gender does play a role in their romantic attraction, so they don’t identify as panromantic), but they only have sex when they have a meaningful (to themself, at least) connection to someone.

They’re transitioning, which involves a lot of things that fundamentally aren’t any of your business. The only exception they make to not talking about it is if you are a trans person. They’re happy to talk to you.

That description, like Google’s terms of service, is subject to change without notice.